Upload Users to MeetingSense Pro

Download The Bulk User Import Template

  1. Downloaded the template .csv file, “meetingsenseuserstemplate.csv”.
  2. Fill in the appropriate fields with your user’s info
  3. Fields are as below (note: headers and spaces are ignored)
  4. Email addresses: email addresses of your users (up to 100)
  5. Roles:
    • 1 = Administrator
    • 2 = Member
    • 3 = Guest
    • Publisher:
      1. True = Can create content and is a paid user
      2. False = Cannot create content is NOT a paid user
  6. Name and save your users file to your desktop or somewhere easy to find
  7. Log in to your MeetingSense dashboard and go to your admin page, once there, click the “+” button next to “Organizational Users” to bring up the add users dialog
  8. Click the “Upload my user list (.csv)” button and pick the file you just created
  9. The user grid will display all of your users, confirm everything is as desired and click Save

That’s it! MeetingSense Pro will upload all of your users into your account and send all of the appropriate registration emails with instructions to your users.

For any additional questions or issues, please contact: support@meetingsense.com.