1 | Schedule Better Meetings

Leverage and enhance your current Microsoft Outlook workflows including any existing conferencing services to ensure properly prepared meetings and attendees.

Instantly enhances your meetings by adding the proper structure and best practices. Easily communicate meeting goals, agendas, and even add notes and action items before meetings, to maximize your productivity during meetings.

2 | Capture Everything in Meetings, Every Time

At meeting time, launch MeetingSense WebCapture, a single intuitive interface to help you easily capture every critical aspect of your meetings as they happen.

Easily capture every aspect of your meetings, including notes, action items, decisions, files, and much more…

3 | Instantly Share Professional Meeting Minutes

Immediately after meetings end, send professionally formatted, branded, and actionable minutes.

Emailed summaries include complete meeting minutes with linked action items that empower
all attendees to actively participate in driving the most successful meeting outcomes possible… including attendees who’ve never even seen MeetingSense before!

4 | Effortlessly Manage Your Meeting Information & Collaborate with Your Team

Your online MeetingSense dashboard allows meeting organizers and attendees to easily collaborate around all your published meeting information. Including meeting notes/info, shared projects, files, and all action items… all in a single intuitive dashboard that ensures cross-team visibility & total accountability.

Step 1 | Install Your MeetingSense Toolbar & Agenda Panel for Microsoft Outlook


  • Exit out of Microsoft Outlook (completely close it)
  • Go the location on your computer where you downloaded the installer file, ‘MeetingSense_Outlook_.msi’
  • Double-click that file and step through the Install Shield Wizard
  • Re-open Outlook

Log into your toolbar with the same email address and password used to register your MeetingSense Pro account. If you’ve followed the directions above, your MeetingSense Outlook Toolbar now appears in your Outlook ribbon in both your Inbox and Calendar views, while your Agenda Panel with automatically open on the right of new meeting invites.

Don’t use Outlook?  No problem, just use your MeetingSense Pro Dashboard to schedule meetings.

Step 2 | Invite Other Team Members to Collaborate with You

Easily invite others from your organization to participant in powerful MeetingSense Pro Collaboration… also free for 30-days! MeetingSense Publishers create content in your account by doing things like scheduling and conducting meetings, creating projects, and assigning action items. While all users (non-publishers) can easily view and interact with created meeting information, projects, and action items.

Add More Users Now:

  1. Access your Admin page in user settings – via your colored initials icon at the top right hand of your dashboard
  2. Or, simple click here (and login): Access Your Admin Page Here
  3. Once on your Admin page, click the add users “+” button next to the “Organization Users” title
  4. Follow the prompts to add as many team members to your Organization account as you’d like

Step 3 | Schedule Your First MeetingSense Meeting

You can schedule MeetingSense meetings from Outlook just like you always have (once you’ve installed your MeetingSense Pro toolbar), or directly from your MeetingSense Dashboard using just a Web browser – via the home page Meetings Pod, or the Meetings page itself.

Schedule a Meeting with your MeetingSense Pro Outlook Agenda Panel Now:

  1. Open a new meeting invite like you always do in Outlook
  2. Fill in the standard fields (subject, attendees, location, date/time, etc…)
  3. Fill in the MeetingSense Agenda Pane (goal, agenda, conferencing details, etc…)
  4. Send the invite like always

Take a few seconds to fill out your MeetingSense Pane for every meeting and see your meetings start on time with more prepared, invested, and interested attendees driving more successful meeting outcomes.

After you’ve scheduled your first meeting, visit your MeetingSense Dashboard to see that meeting and all its details show up in the Home Page Meetings pod as well as on your Meetings Page. Try adding Notes, Action Items, and Files before the meeting starts to encourage pre-meeting collaboration with your meeting invitees.

Step 4 | Conduct Your First MeetingSense Meeting!

Use MeetingSense Pro WebCapture in your meetings to easily manage Agendas, capture meeting Notes, Action Items, Decisions, Files, and much more. Then instantly distributed that critical, contextually linked meeting information in a professional, branded, and actionable meeting minutes email.

Conduct Your First MeetingSense Meeting Now:

  1.  On your Outlook Calendar, create a test meeting (see steps above), or find a meeting to take notes
  2.  Right-click on that meeting and choose, “Take Meeting Notes”
  3.  MeetingSense WebCapture will open in a browser with your participants and agenda pre-populated (if you added them to the MeetingSense Pane when scheduling the meeting)
  4.  Start the meeting (button at top right) and start taking meeting minutes

When you’re ready, finish your meeting by clicking the “End Meeting” button, then follow the Wizard to save and close, or publish and send your meeting minutes. If you save the meeting as public and publish your Notes, attendees will receive a professionally formatted Meeting Minutes Summary including all of your meeting content and linked Action Items.

Step 5 | Assign an Action Item

MeetingSense Pro empowers users to easily assign and manage everyone’s Action Items in a single place, allowing for a full searchable/sortable repository. Use MeetingSense Pro Action Items to ensure total visibility and accountability across your team, or your entire organization.

Action Items can be assigned during meetings in WebCapture, or individually while on your MeetingSense dashboard. Assigned Action Items trigger an Action Item email as well as publishing the information to both user’s Dashboard.

Assign A MeetingSense Action Item Now:

  1.  In MeetingSense WebCapture:a) Click the “+” button in the Action Items pod at the bottom of WebCapture
    b) Fill in all necessary information (only the subject is mandatory) in the Action Item panel
    c)Click ‘Save & Close’ or ‘Save & New” to save the current Action Item and open a blank new panel
  2.  In your MeetingSense Dashboard:

    a) From your Home Page lick the “+” button in the Action Items pod, or from the Action Items page click the “+New Action Item” button
    b) Fill in all necessary information (only the subject is mandatory) in the Action Item panel
    c) Click ‘Save & Close’ or ‘Save & New” to save the current Action Item and open a blank new panel

You can also assign Action Items to those outside your company or those without a MeetingSense account. These users simply register for a free account, and can then interact with those Action Items. Interacting with action items includes the ability to do things like change the Action Item’s status (i.e., complete it), attach files, add comments, and more.

Step 6 | Set Up Your First Project Space

MeetingSense Pro Projects are simply a digital room/space where a specified group of people collaborate around a chosen set of Meetings, Action Items, Files, and conversations (comments). Projects are a great way to structure and organize your teams and their content around Project groupings.

Create your first Project Now:

  1. From your Home Page Projects tab, click the “+” button
  2. Fill in any necessary Project’s information
  3. Click Save
  4. You can also do this from the Projects page itself

You can now add any Meeting or Action Item to your new Project when you schedule or assign them. You can also go directly to that Project page to add content and collaboration directly. Projects allow you to organize your meeting and team collaboration to be much more effective.

Step 7 | Manage ALL Your Team or Organization Meeting Information

Easily manage all your organization’s MeetingSense meeting information in an easy-to-use online dashboard.

Access your MeetingSense Dashboard Now:

  1. Visit: https://mymeetingsense.com
  2. Login with your user name and password
  3. Or follow the, “View on My Dashboard” links in MeetingSense meeting and action item emails Access your dashboard directly via action links in post-meeting and action item emails, or login on the Web to have all your important meeting information at your fingertips. Individuals and teams access published meeting records and collaboration with the ability to easily see and use meeting notes, manage on-going action items, open or download files, and collaborate in real time with any team member or meeting participant.

You can also empower anyone who attends your meetings to take their own notes for those meetings, as well as get instant access to their own customized, flexible, and free online MeetingSense Pro dashboard to manage all of the meeting information you decide to share with them.