About LSI

LSI Corporation (NYSE: LSI) is a leading provider of innovative silicon, systems and software technologies that enable products which seamlessly bring people, information and digital content together. The company offers a broad portfolio of capabilities and services including custom and standard product ICs, adapters, systems and software that are trusted by the world’s best known brands to power leading solutions in the Storage, Networking and Mobility markets.LSI Corporation found that MeetingSense Software not only helped to optimize internal communications, but also made a big impression on the company’s customers.

The Challenge

Jackie Green, Program Manager in the Engineering department at LSI Corporation, needed a way to more efficiently capture and manage meeting notes and action items. She attends an average of fifteen meetings each week, spending twenty hours per week in meetings, and an additional ten hours on meeting preparation and follow-up. She knew anything she could do to streamline the process would pay large dividends for her and her organization. One particular challenge was keeping track of the action items and updates from meeting to meeting in a way that would provide a clear historical record of events that could easily be accessed during or after any meeting. “Program meetings are conducted on a weekly basis with several incremental meetings during the week,” says Green. “Keeping an up to date record had become nearly a full-time job.”

The Solution

MeetingSense immediately improved meeting efficiency in Green’s department. She reports that she is saving time not only before and after meetings, but also in the meetings themselves. She estimates time savings of between six and ten hours per week, or over 30% of her original meeting workload. Additionally, Green has found that MeetingSense has improved the overall productivity of her meetings by providing continuity of information between meetings. “MeetingSense has given my company a competitive edge.” -Jackie Green Program Manager, LSI Corporation

“With MeetingSense, the minutes and hot action items from previous meetings can be easily referenced, so we can ensure critical items are not overlooked or forgotten,” says Green. “Plus, minutes and action items are kept up to date and distributed to the team in a timely fashion, whereas previously the minutes sometimes didn’t make it out until the following week.”

Green found that the efficiency provided by MeetingSense even impressed her company’s customers. “In the past, when attending external meetings with OEM program managers, I would jot down notes just for myself,” Green recalls. “Now, I open up MeetingSense, pull in the OEM’s meeting agenda from email, type the notes during the conference call, and then send it all to the program managers of the other company in seconds using MeetingSense.”

“MeetingSense has given my company a competitive edge.” -Jackie Green | Program Manager, LSI Corporation

“Last week, I received a very warm and appreciative email from my customer thanking me for the timely notes. The customer said that they would not have been able to get the minutes out in a timely fashion, and that the MeetingSense format captured all the pertinent data for next week’s meeting, enabling them to send it to their team immediately.”

Green reports that this is a common scenario. “Several external customers have thanked me and inquired about MeetingSense and mentioned how wonderful it is for external meeting minute distribution.” In addition to winning points with customers, MeetingSense offers Green’s company tangible monetary savings. She estimates that, with five people in her organization actively using MeetingSense, the company is saving big ‘real dollars’ per year due to improved productivity. Green has already recommended the software to her IT department for enterprise-wide deployment, and expects the savings will grow exponentially with a roll out.

In summary, Green declares that “MeetingSense has given my company a competitive edge in organizing and distributing critical data and action items to ensure effective team communication and successful and timely program launches.”

MeetingSense has given my company a competitive edge.

Jackie Green, Program Manager
LSI Corporation