Easy Meeting Collaboration For Everyone

MeetingSense is cloud-based meeting management software that leverages your team’s existing tools and familiar workflows to help you capture, share, and then easily manage the contextual information exchanged in every meeting.

MeetingSense helps your team conduct the most effective and productive meetings possible in order to drive maximum business success.

“MeetingSense is one of those rare products that uncovers and then solves a common business need near perfectly. It’s excellent for all size teams.”


MeetingSense ensures very effective team communication and helps us to drive successful and timely program launches.

Jackie Green
Jackie GreenSr. Program Manager

MeetingSense improved our group’s meeting efficiency almost instantly. MeetingSense always makes my group look like stars.

Ryan Hunter
Ryan HunterIT Director, WageWorks

A hub for making agendas, creating minutes, sending out summaries, and creating action items. It’s perfect for scattered groups that meet frequently.

PC Magazine
PC Magazine

Better Meetings

Leverage existing tools & familiar workflows to properly capture, send, & manage contextual meeting information that ensures maximum meeting investment return.

Get Standardized

Introduce standardized meeting best practices that foster deep team communication to drive predictably successful meeting and project outcomes… every time.

Save Time and Money

Save loads of both by making meetings efficient & productive. Teams focus on success instead of wasting cycles on pre/post meeting clean-up and information loss.

Be A Guru

Instantly become a meeting guru and improve your meetings for everyone your team meets with. Professional, actionable meeting output makes sure every meeting is useful.


  • Office 365 Integration

    Leverage your current tools and workflows to ensure properly prepared meetings and attendees.

  • Schedule Online

    Schedule meetings from your online dashboard using any browser… with all of Outlook’s familiar capabilities.

  • Tie-In Conferencing

    Seamless integration with your existing audio, web, & video conferencing makes meeting easy.


  • Capture Everything

    Simple meeting capture helps you easily record notes, action items, decisions, files, roll, and more…

  • Do Action Items Right

    Assign, update, and collaborate around all of your team’s shared action items in or out of meetings.

  • Lync Your Meetings

    LyncCapture turns Microsoft Lync from a communication tool into total online team collaboration.


  • Actionable Notes

    Formatted, actionable email notes empower all attendees to drive successful meeting outcomes.

  • Get Complete Records

    An intuitive cloud-based dashboard lets teams easily collaborate around all shared meeting information.

  • Manage Everything

    The robust online team meeting information management dashboard drives total accountability & success.



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