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A complete InterCall services package
Ultimate meeting information control
Closed-loop action item management
Real-time online team collaboration
Save 7 hours of wasted time a week
Make all of your meetings successful!

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Complete Your InterCall Suite with MeetingSense!

As the world’s largest conferencing provider, InterCall offers a suite of services to help you connect with people and get more done. That’s why we are bringing you MeetingSense 3.0, offered by InterCall. MeetingSense is an affordable hosted solution that empowers organizations to easily capture, automatically distribute, and collaboratively manage meeting information and action items online in real-time.

Better Management of Every Meeting Aspect

MeetingSense is the first ever application to fill a critical gap in meeting productivity and collaboration by providing a simple, powerful way for organizations to intuitively manage meeting information and action items online, in real-time, together. MeetingSense can help you manage all aspects of your meeting—from start to finish.

Before a meeting: Integrates directly into your Outlook® calendar to provide proper structure and meeting best practices.
During a meeting: Gives you a quick and easy way to capture every critical aspect of your meetings -including notes, action items, recorded audio, agendas, key points, and much more.
Following a meeting: Instantly customize and then send comprehensive, organized meeting summary and action item emails, or publish this information online for collaboration.
Anytime Collaboration : Get instant access to your team's captured meeting information and action items through a shared online dashboard. Track and manage meeting information, action items and files online and in real time with your team or the entire organization.

MeetingSense Will Help You:

  • Save Money! Up to $15,000 in operational bottom-line costs per user, per year
  • Save Time! As much as 7 hours of wasted time a week for each team member
  • Establish standardized meeting best practices to enforce true accountability
  • Eliminate critical information loss to ensure regulatory and legal compliance
  • Reduce IT system email and storage burden across all of your project teams
  • Get big ROI without big ownership costs - make money back in one meeting!

Get back an extra day in your work week, every week

Using MeetingSense to help automate your meeting information and action item management can save you up to seven hours a week per team member. Who couldn’t use almost an entire extra day to get things done? Whether your meetings are in-person or virtual, MeetingSense helps you capture every aspect of the information shared, including roll call, agendas, notes and much more. MeetingSense also helps you to enforce accountability by seamlessly tracking deliverables, automatically sending professional meeting minutes and assigned tasks to your attendees, and ultimately increases your meeting value while driving your overall project success.

Spend your valuable time on what matters most

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could finish a meeting, get all the notes and action item assignments instantly sent out and then jump right into other important things instead of spending 20 minutes sending out a recap and any assigned action items? By using MeetingSense to help manage and automate this process, you can. InterCall is in the business of helping you make better connections and get more done. Through our partnership with MeetingSense Software, you can do just that—no matter if your meeting is on the phone, over the web or in a conference room.