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Absolute Data Security

  • Hosted with industry leader
  • SAS70 type I & II certified
  • HIPAA certified storage facility
  • PCI compliant storage facility
  • Guaranteed SSL encryption
  • Secure redundant backup
  • Zero IT infrastructure management
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Your Data is Safe in Our Enterprise-Class Data Center

The security of your data is our top priority!

MeetingSense Software houses and maintains all of your meeting data and files in one of the world’s most secure, SAS 70 type I & II certified data facilities – so secure in fact that VISA® has singled it out as an example of "best practices" for data center facility operations. We’ve spared no expense to ensure the absolute security of your data.

Absolute Data Security Is Core To What We Do!

The data center housing your meeting information has been singled out by VISA® as an example of "best practices" for data center security and operations. The data center meets the toughest industry standards for - PCI, SOX, HIPAA, ISO, COBIT, COSO, SAS70 Type I & II certification. Your data is completely secure in a world-class, end-end managed storage facility.

Total Data Security – 24/7

Your data is our business, period. Making you secure and happy is how we measure our success. MeetingSense relies on a heavily secured data storage system that ensures the absolute privacy of your information and files is always maintained. We address security on many levels to ensure that your critical information is completely safe!

Complete Confidentiality

Your meeting information and documents are stored securely so only you and those you want to collaborate with have access to that data. As a matter of internal policy, not even MeetingSense Software operations and development staff can access the servers on which your data resides without going through an official auditing and recording process to ensure completely privacy. And your information and documents never leave our SAS 70 type I & II data center. Backups also remain fully encrypted.

Security Audits

Our data center has passed some of the worlds more strict security audits by some of the most demanding and selective agencies and customers alike – let us know if you would like to visit our data center, we will arrange a tour!

Data Center Reliability

Multiple levels of redundancy ensure maximum availability of your mission-critical meeting and project information. From network architecture to HVAC services, redundancy has been accounted for in all areas. Our air-conditioned power is backed up with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and diesel generators under even the most critical disasters.

Data Center Site Monitoring

The entire MeetingSense site is dynamically instrumented to monitor all operations. We maintain passive and active monitoring, and we incorporate a range of automated alarms, notifications and recovery processes.

Physical Security

  • Interiors and exteriors vigilantly monitored by staff 24/7/365
  • Closed-circuit digital (DVR) video surveillance - over 43 cameras, time-lapse, 90-days retention
  • Tightly controlled physical access, including:
    • Proximity keycards and a man-trap with a guard shack
    • Required valid picture identification
    • Visitors and/or vendors must be pre-registered and verified prior to their arrival
    • All non-staff escorted at all times
  • Data centers located in a building-within-a-building, completely isolated from exterior access.

Disaster Prevention & Protection

  • Smoke and fire suppression - early warning with ion and laser-based smoke detection
  • Dual-interlock, pre-action, dry-pipe sprinkler system
  • 24/7 staff is trained to use Halotron clean agent fire extinguishers
  • Fiber Capacity & Core IP Network & Bandwidth
  • Core network is Cisco-powered.

The center has diverse fiber entry points from 6 different vendors:

  • AT&T
  • TimeWarner
  • Qwest
  • Sprint
  • Telecove
  • Unite 6

Upstream Tier 1 providers:

  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • Level3
  • Cogent
  • Global Crossing

Environmental Controls

One of the first dually diverse cooling configuration systems ensures temperature, humidity and air flow consistency

  • High-capacity chilled water loop system with 320 tons cooling capacity to data centers
  • Dual external chillers
  • 150 tons of precision split (DX) air cooling
  • No water facilities are above the data center floor
  • FOUR chilled water pumps with a capacity of 600 tons feed two chilled water loops
  • Water pumps are linked with an exterior chiller
  • Conditioned Power
    • Dual feed Aquila independent/redundant 25,000 V main power feeds
    • Multiple diesel generators in place in the event of a natural disaster
    • 3 megawatt transformer for complete power failure protection

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