We’ve created a set of features to make meetings better

  • More productive by automating best practices that focus on achieving stated goals
  • More effective by making sure the right people are in the meeting
  • More efficient by simplifying everything from inviting participants, to distributing readings and notes to assigning tasks
  • Less painful by keeping meetings on task and as short as possible

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Better for Meeting Leaders

  • Set up meetings faster and more efficiently
  • Create clear goals to coach all meeting participants
  • Develop meeting best practices for fast adoption

Better for Meeting Participants

  • Goals that keep meetings on track so less wasted time
  • Assignments included in invites, so you know what’s expected
  • Ability to take notes during the meeting for every end user, always accessible via MeetingSense

Better for Managers

  • Gain, and share, powerful insights into what goes on inside of every meeting
  • Spot trouble with projects and processes early
  • Coach team leaders on becoming more effective meeting managers
  • Receive post-meeting follow-ups

MeetingSense features improve every part of every meeting

  • MeetingSense applies information-age technology to dramatically improve every meeting
  • Every participant can see what upcoming meetings are about, as well as prepare and help to shape them
  • Participants also gain access to any files the organizer includes in the invitation and receives information about individual meeting responsibilities
  • All participants can take their own notes which may be kept private while still being archived with official meeting notes

Set up meetings fast and professionally

Quickly create professional looking agendas and assignments online within MeetingSense Dashboard or Microsoft Outlook

Enable pre-meeting collaboration

  • Assign meeting tasks
  • Easily attach files to invites
  • Solicit input

MeetingSense integrates with all audio-conferencing providers providing you with a dial-in number and passcode along with web and video conferencing personal rooms.  Setup and manage single or multiple conferencing profiles for one-click scheduling of meetings using your current audio, video and web conferencing tools.

MeetingSense integrates seamlessly with Outlook and other popular productivity tools

Create Agendas and Meeting Invitations with MS-Invite

Great meetings begin with clear agendas and goals

MeetingSense Invite makes it easy to follow best meeting practices

  • Easily create professional looking Agendas, customize your own, or use our templates
  • Meeting goals that properly frame and organize every meeting
  • Attach files and audio, web and video conferencing information
  • Works seamlessly with Outlook through a plug-in
  • Assign individual responsibilities within the meeting in the invite

Capture critical meeting elements with MeetingMemory

  • Memories fade as soon as the meeting ends. While decisions get recorded, the process typically does not
  • MeetingMemory allows all participants to capture the information they think important from every meeting
  • MeetingMemory archives all meeting content, linking files, notes, assignments, and tasks in a searchable database

Assign and Manage Action Items to Increase Meeting Productivity

  • Action items are easily assigned creating visibility and accountability
  • All action items are visible to all participants and their managers
  • As action items are updated, participants are notified automatically

MS Summaries lets you send notes and Action Items immediately after the meeting

  • As soon as meeting notes and assignments are completed, send out to all participants with a single mouse click
  • Assigned tasks are always visible to all participants
  • Task progress can be monitored within meeting notes, so everyone can see real progress from each meeting
  • Each update to Action Items generates email notifications that are sent to all participants

Complete Access to Meeting Records In One Centralized Place

Each meeting attendee receives access to a customized, flexible, and intuitive online dashboard to manage shared meeting information.

Access the dashboard through action links in post-meeting emails, or login anytime online to obtain published meeting records, notes, manage on-going action items, open or download files, and collaborate with any team member in real-time.


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