MeetingSense Teams

Teams are just groupings of users within your MeetingSense account. Admins go to their Dashboard’s Org Management Pane on the left of the main navigation bar. They create Teams and invite that Team’s members. Teams in MeetingSense should mirror the Teams you have in your Organization today. Some good examples of MeetingSense Teams would be: Marketing, Sales Team, R & D Group, Support Staff, etc…

Once created, Team members will access a Team’s specific view of the MeetingSense Pro Dashboard via the left-sidebar control – Teams you’ve been invited to will show up in the left side panel (you’ll also get an Team invite email). Clicking on one of your Team listings in the sidebar, will change your entire Dashboard’s view to display only content assigned to and housed within that Team. Teams are a great way to ensure that meeting and project content is properly grouped and accessible to those who need it. Of course you can share this content outside of the group via the privacy settings of the individual content objects assigned to that Team (more on this in other sections)