MeetingSense Meetings

MeetingSense Meetings are digital ‘records’ of all of the information captured and published for a scheduled and/or captured Meeting on your MeetingSense Dashboard.

These Meeting records provide anytime access to all of the information captured in MeetingSense. These records can include all of the following elements (if they were captured)

  • Participants and organizer(s)
  • Details (meeting subject, location, day/time, goal, project and team inclusion)
  • Conferencing details – including links to web conferences
  • Meeting description
  • Agenda
  • Notes – Access to multiple notes if participants also published public notes
  • Decisions
  • Action Items
  • Files
  • Each meeting also has a meeting-specific Newsfeed to see exactly what has happened to this meeting over time.

Meeting records can be accessed on your Dashboard’s home page or project meetings lists, or can be found on the Meetings page. You can utilize Meeting sort, filter, and search capabilities to easily find the Meeting(s) you are looking for at that time.