How to Create a Project

To create a Project, you must be a Publisher. There are multiple ways to create your very own Project within MeetingSense. One simple way of doing it is by going to the News Feed of the desired object, navigating to the “Projects” window, and clicking the plus symbol. You will then be asked for the Project name, start date, end date, description, desired members, and finally the privacy setting for the Project. Another way is to navigate to the Projects tab and create a Project from there.


Project Members

MeetingSense will always grant you access to Meetings, Action Items, Files, and collaboration that you’ve been invited or assigned to as a Project Member.

Project Members also receive notifications when Meetings and Action Items are added to the Project, when the Project details are edited, and when comments/files are posted to the Project via the Project Feed/ Project Page


Project Administrators

As a Project Administrator, you can edit the Project details (name, description, dates, and permissions) and manage project members. There can be unlimited Project Administrators.


MeetingSense Projects

A Project is a collection of related Meetings, Action Items, Files, and Team collaboration (comments). A Project has a name, description, an owner (creator), administrator(s), members, and guests.

You do not need to be a Project Member to see a Project. Project visibility is determined by the permissions of the Project, which are managed by the Project Administrators. This can be changed to limit Project access to only the entire Team, only Project Members, or Private to only the Project Owner.