Our mission is to enable our users to harness the power of their voices, their meetings, their projects, teams, and tools in order to maximize their conversations, discussions and make their meetings more effective.


Welcome to MeetingSense

MeetingSense Software Corporation is a venture backed start up that was founded in 2006 by former IBM and Macromedia management to address the emerging need among today’s businesses for a simple but effective way to collaboratively manage meeting notes and other information, action items,  and more in order to optimize business productivity.

The goal was to develop collaboration software that would allow businesses to maximize their return on investment in meeting time and meeting technology by ensuring that each meeting, regardless of size, scope, or subject, is leveraged directly into productive action.

MeetingSense Pro is the 6th version of MeetingSense and is meeting management software that works with your current tools and habits to make sure you capture the things shared before, during, and after meetings; and then allows you to manage it all together to make your meetings actually work.

Instead of just getting you into meetings like web conferencing, MeetingSense is an easy to use Web App that helps you do things like take great notes, assign action items, record important decisions, upload shared documents, and then work with all of it together via just email and a web browser to maximize your meeting investment.