MeetingSense Organizations

MeetingSense Organizations are the Company, Educational Institution, Government Agency, or Non-Profit business you use when signing up to create your MeetingSense Account.

You will be given the chance to name your account and choose a custom account URL.

An example of this when signing up would be to name your MeetingSense Organization “ACME Corp.” and choose the custom url, https://acemcorp.meetingsense.com.


Organization Publishers

MeetingSense Publishers create content in your MeetingSense Pro ecosystem. These users can:

  • Install and leverage MeetingSense integrated plugins
  • Schedule, conduct, and publish notes for meetings
  • Assign action items
  • Create MeetingSense Projects
  • Add files to the system
  • Collaborate with all other users

Publishers can be added in the Admin area, which is accessed from your user avatar in the top right-hand corner of your MeetingSense Dashboard. Only Account Admins can add/manage Publishers. All of the MeetingSense user types can be made a Publisher, as it is a separate designation that governs only the ability to create content in the system. When you designate a user as a Publisher, they become a paid MeetingSense user.


Creating Your Organization

When you sign up without being invited to an Organization, creating your own Organization is part of the sign-up process. The only information that is required from you is what name you wish the Organization to yield and the custom URL for the Organization that you want MeetingSense to create for you.


Organization Guests

If you were invited to a Meeting or assigned Action Items by Publishers, then you are given an Organization Guest account. As a guest you have limited access in MeetingSense and can only access items that you’ve been explicitly assigned or invited to. This enables seamless collaboration with clients, contractors, customers, and virtually any external 3rd party user.

Guests can:

  • View, edit, delete, add comments and files to Action Items they’ve been explicitly assigned
  • View, add comments and files to Meetings they’ve been invited to. If the Meeting or Action Item belongs to a Project, the guest user will see a Projects page with only the Meetings he’s been invited or Action Items he’s been assigned.

If you are added as a member of a Project, you will receive member level access to that Project alone and can view, add Comments, and add Files to that items in that Project.