Billing Model Overview

Your MeetingSense Pro Account or “Organization” as it’s called in the system, will be billed for the maximum number of active (have used the product at least once) Publishers in your Organization account for that given month.  As a refresher, Publishers in MeetingSense Pro are the users that create new content in the system including: schedule and publish meeting records, create/assign new action items, and create new projects.

At the time your Organization Admin upgrades your trial account, they have the abiluty to add/remove Publishers.  That final number of Publishers chosen by the Admin will be used as the number of initially billed Publishers for your initial month’s payment.

For monthly payments thereafter, your Organization will be automatically billed for the maximum number of active Publishers (high-water mark billing) during that month.  This makes adding and deleting Publishers to your account easy… in fact, all you have to do it add or remove Publishers during a month and we’ll take care of the rest automagically!

For annual or special accounts, Organizations will purchase a set number of licenses up front, and Admins will have to manually add/purchase additional licenses via the admin page before new Publishers become active for your account.