Assigning Action Items

Creating MeetingSense Action Items is easy, and can be done from a number of different places.

Action Items can be created from the following areas in MeetingSense:

  • WebCapture – During Meetings
  • Home Page – From the Action Items pod
  • Any Project Home Page – From the Action Items pod
  • The Action Items Page
  • The Meetings Page – From the Action Items tab in any scheduled or conducted Meeting

Action Item characteristics:

  • Subject
  • Due Date
  • Assigned to
  • Status
    • Not Started
    • In Progress
    • Pending Info
    • Deferred
    • Completed
  • Priority
    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
  • Team Association
  • Project Association
  • File Attachment
  • Description
  • Comment
  • Privacy Setting

To assign an Action Item:

  1. Access one of the areas above and click the plus or Add Action Item button
  2. The Action Item Panel will open
  3. The only mandatory field to save an action item is the “Subject” field – All other fields are set to defaults and are optional
  4. Fill in as many of the remaining fields as you need
  5. Click “Save and New” to save the existing Action Item and open a new blank one, or “Save and Close” to save and close the Action Item

You can assign Action Items to anyone, whether they are in or out of your Organization. Assigning Action Items to those who don’t have (or know what) a MeetingSense account will allow them to become a Guest of your organization.


Action Item Assignees

Action Item assignees will be show all fields of the Action Item but will not be able to edit any of the fields. Comments and files can be shared.


Action Item Assigners

Action Item assigners are those who create the Action Items. They can edit any part of an Action Items including, priority, assignees, dates, privacy, and descriptions.


MeetingSense Action Items

MeetingSense Pro Action Items allow Publishers to assign tasks to others while they are capturing meeting information (using WebCapture) or while on the dashboard from any Home Page pod or the Action Items page. When you assign an Action Item to someone, they will receive an Action Item email and the Action Item will also show up in your online Dashboard, as well as theirs.

Action Items can be as simple (just a subject and person being assigned the Action Item), or as complex as you’d like. Publishers can add all of the following aspects to any Action Item:




  • Subject
  • Due Date
  • Assignee/Assigner
  •  Status
    • Not started
    • In progress
    • Pending information
    • Deferred
    • Completed
  • Priority
  • Team
  • Project
  • Files
  • Description
  • Privacy (Private or Public)
  • Comment

You can also assign Action Items to yourself, or leave the assignee option blank to create simple tasks for yourself.

You can also assign Action Items to those outside your company, to anyone… even those who don’t have a MeetingSense Pro account. These ‘guest users’ will can register their free account, and can then interact with the Action Items you assign them, including attaching files, adding comments, and changing the status, i.e., completing the Action Item.