How to Schedule a Meeting

There are multiple ways to schedule Meetings. These are some areas that allow you to create a Meeting

  • News Feed’s “Meetings” window
  • Meetings tab at the top of the MeetingSense website
  • Outlook toolbar

When you do find a way to create a Meeting, you will be shown a Meetings window with 5 tabs of information input.

  • “Details”: The only information that you will HAVE to enter is subject, time, and participants. Other fields of input include location and description
  • “Agenda”: Here you can set the goal of the meeting. It also lets you create templates for cases of reoccurring meetings.
  • “Project”: This is where you can tie your Meeting to a Project that you have access to.
  • “Conferencing”: Here you can choose a method of communication or create a new one.
  • “Files”: Upload any files that you might need during the meeting.