Access & Privacy Settings

Privacy and access is set at the individual object level when it is created. This means that you can set the privacy and access level for each object you create in the system, including Teams, Projects, Meetings, and Action Items.

You can also edit these access levels at any time during or after creation.

Privacy levels are as follows:

  • Private – Only you and the people directly involved in this object can see it
  • Public – The object inherits the access permissions of its immediate parent object(s). If there are multiple levels of parent objects, and these are all public, the item’s access continues up the ‘object waterfall’ until it hits a Private setting, or the top Organizational level.

Example #1:

Bill assigns a Private Action Item to Michelle in a Private Meeting

Access: Bill and Michelle are the only two users who can see this Action Item.


Example #2:

Michelle assigns a Public Action Item to Jill in a Private Meeting

Access: Michelle, Jill, and everyone in the meeting can see the Action Item


Example #3:

Jeff assigns a Public Action Item to Adam in a Public Meeting, that’s in a Public Project, that’s in a Private Team

Access: Jeff, Adam, all Meeting Participants, all Project Members, and all Team Members can see the Action Item.

Guests can only ever see objects they’ve explicitly been given access to see/work on.