MeetingSense Files

Files are any type of business document (.pdf, .doc, .xls, etc…) that you want to add to your meetings or any object in your MeetingSense Pro dashboard. Files can be added to the following areas/objects:

  • Your Organization – Everyone with access to your organization’s top level will be able to see these files
    • You can add these files from the Home page SharePod (above the newsfeed) or from the Files pod
  • A Team – Do this from a specific Team Home Page
  • A Project – Add files at the top level of any Project Home Page
  • A Meeting – During a meeting while in WebCapture as you’re capturing notes, or before or after a meeting from the Meeting details area on the Meetings Page
  • An Action Items – Any time you assign an Action Item you can attached any number of files to that item.

Files can be accessed via any object to which the File has been attached, or from any one of the Home Page Files pods. Clicking a File anywhere on the dashboard allows you to download or delete that File.