Different Types of Newsfeeds

There are a few different types of Newsfeeds within MeetingSense, each one with a slightly different view.

Organization Newsfeed is going to appear in the middle of your homepage on the online dashboard. For an in depth overview, please see the section below.

Project Newsfeeds appear when you select a project to view. Like the Homepage Newsfeed, it appears in the middle of the page, featuring a comment section at the top. The items appearing on the Newsfeed under projects only pertain to what is specifically going on within the project you’re under.

Things like edits to a meeting you’re attending, uploaded files, project announcements and more will appear on the Project Newsfeed for you to view and interact with.

Team Newsfeeds appear when you navigate to a selected Team. The view is very similar to the Organization Newsfeed and Project Newsfeeds in which you can view and comment on edits to meetings, Team announcemnts, uploaded files and more.

Team Newsfeeds, like Project Newsfeeds will only show you announcements and information associated with the Team that you have selected.

Meeting Newsfeeds allow you to view edits and changes to meetings that you are a part of, answer any questions and even reply to comments posted directly to meetings.

Every meeting has its own Newsfeed which you can access by first selecting the meeting, and then selecting the “View Meeting Newsfeed” button in the upper right-hand corner of the meeting.

Action Item Newsfeeds allow you to view edits and changes to that Action Item, as well as comment and reply to comments associated with it. Like Meeting Newsfeeds, every Action Item will have its own Newsfeed keeping you and your team organized.

You can access Action Item Newsfeeds by selecting the Action Item you would like to view. At the bottom of the Action Item you will see the Newsfeed appear.