About CoreObjects

CoreObjects is the leader in Distributed Cooperative Software Development(TM) and partner to companies interested in building world-class software. CoreObjects provides the process and software development expertise necessary to bring commercially deployable software to market. Dozens of companies, backed by some of the most notable venture capital firms in the world, have depended on CoreObjects to build their software for them, driving billions of dollars in market capitalization and tens of thousands of end-users.

CoreObjects builds software that builds companies and helps customers keep the promises they make to their stakeholders. CoreObjects is headquartered in Los Angeles, with strategic development centers in Bangalore, Delhi and Pune, India, as well as a satellite office in Silicon Valley.

The Challenge

Patrick Ravenel, senior Vice President of Delivery at CoreObjects, needed a way to reliably capture meeting decisions in real-time. “One issue that comes up in a consulting company,” says Ravenel, “is that meetings with clients often have decisions made that have real dollar implications. If these aren’t captured, annotated, and distributed in a professional way, they often cause account management and billing realization problems due to changes in scope that were agreed upon but not recorded.”

Ravenel needed a solution that would not only capture decisions, but would also improve the efficiency and professionalism of his company’s meetings, particularly meetings with customers. “Another issue was that there was too much variation in how our staff held meetings internally and with customers. Some did a great job of remembering to put together an agenda, describe decisions made, and send out e-mails of action items. Others were found to be lacking in their follow-up, and this reflected poorly on us.”
Ravenel sought out MeetingSense 2.0 by MeetingSense Software Corporation as a solution.

The Solution

The benefits of MeetingSense became apparent as soon as Ravenel began using it. “The first day after using MeetingSense for several customer meetings, we had a few customers comment that they was shocked by how fast we distributed the meeting minutes, and that they looked very professional,” reports Ravenel. “They loved the way we took minutes, how we captured the essence of the meeting, and that action items were immediately being tracked. Our credibility was very high and we closed the deal!”

Ravenel was pleased by the low cost of ownership for MeetingSense, and that it integrates so well with Microsoft Outlook, so no internal training was required for his staff. He also enjoys having one repository for all meeting minutes. “They are all organized and sortable by meeting type, date, and so on,” says Ravenel. “I can easily find any meeting, all its contents, and related documents in one spot in a very intuitive way.”

“Meetings are far more productive and take far less time… now when people make commitments in our organization, they know it’s visible and will be tracked.” – Patrick Ravenel, Sr. VP Delivery | CoreObjects, Inc.

The ability to record meeting decisions and track action items has improved productivity for Ravenel’s staff. “We have already seen the benefits of being able to hold our own people and others accountable for action items and decisions made during meetings,” he says. “Meetings are far more productive and take far less time when everyone is required to work off an agenda and get issues resolved. And now when people make commitments in our organization, they know it’s visible and will be tracked.”

Ravenel credits MeetingSense Software with designing an intuitive interface that improves productivity, rather than bogging people down. “MeetingSense Software has studied and has embodied good meeting management principals, and their user experience expertise is excellent. MeetingSense is very intuitive. Most importantly, it’s not an after-thought type application like some other non meeting-focused tools that I’ve used. It’s does one job very well, and that is to make meetings and management of meeting information far less costly.”

CoreObjects has realized significant cost savings with MeetingSense. Ravenel estimates that if MeetingSense reduces time spent on meeting-related tasks by only twenty five percent, the savings for each power user in the company amounts to about $5,000 annually, each. He states that even if a company has 50 to 100 power users utilizing MeetingSense daily, the cost savings quickly turn into very exciting bottom-line savings.

Ravenel was so pleased by the benefits of MeetingSense that he pushed to standardize the entire company on the software. “The major advantage to having a product like MeetingSense for any consulting company is that it helps you manage your customer engagements in a diligent and professional way.

There is no arguing over what was said or decided at a meeting. Everyone can see the decisions made, scope covered, and action items assigned.”

Meetings are far more productive and take far less time… now when people make commitments in our organization, they know it’s visible and will be tracked.

Patrick Ravenel, Sr. VP Delivery
CoreObjects, Inc.