12/06/2016 – MeetingSense Pro Press Release

MeetingSense Software Releases MeetingSense Pro – Instantly Advancing the Corporate Meeting Landscape while Creating an Evolutionary Productivity Leap

Powerful New API-Based Collaboration Platform Creates Seismic Shift in Corporate Meeting Culture

San Diego, California, December 06, 2016 – MeetingSense Software announces today the general availability of the all new MeetingSense Pro, groundbreaking meeting information management for the enterprise. The completely reimagined offering is API-based cloud collaboration software that helps organizations harness the power of every meeting attendee in every meeting to create the most successful business outcomes possible.

Instead of simply getting users into meetings like standard web conferencing tools, MeetingSense Pro is an easy to use Web App that helps users create agendas, take efficient notes, assign action items, record important decisions, upload shared documents, and work with this information to maximize their investment in meeting time and effort.

“Business meetings are in dire need of a productivity paradigm shift and that’s what MeetingSense Pro provides.” said Hannon Brett, MeetingSense Software President and Founder. “The need to help organizations fully leverage their investment in people and meetings has only become more critical. The MeetingSense Pro platform does this by empowering any size organization to create a single connected point of collaboration for all critical pre, during, and post meeting information.”

MeetingSense Pro focuses on the most important aspects of meetings and team interaction, enabling active crowdsourced meeting participation that helps optimize a company’s meeting productivity and its overall effectiveness.

“We are very excited to offer our solution to an age-old corporate pain by providing this next evolution in meetings.” added Shane Dalton, MeetingSense Software CEO, “Every company feels the cultural and fiscal pain of inefficient and ineffective meetings. MeetingSense Pro is that solution.”



MeetingSense Pro is generally available online today for a free 30-day trial www.meetingsense.com/try. For more information, visit www.meetingsense.com, or call +1(888) 761-1118.


About MeetingSense Software Corporation

MeetingSense Software Corporation is a venture backed start up that was founded in 2006 by former IBM and Macromedia management to address the emerging need among today’s businesses for a simple but effective way to collaboratively manage meeting information and action items in order to optimize business productivity. The goal was to develop team software that would allow businesses to maximize their return on investment in meeting time and meeting technology by ensuring that each meeting, regardless of size, scope, or subject, is leveraged directly into productive action.

Welcome to MeetingSense Pro!

A hello and an introduction to MeetingSense Pro from Hannon Brett, MeetingSense Software Founder

MeetingSense Software is excited to share our all new Meeting Management Platform with you. MeetingSense Pro is an API-based Cloud subscription service that empowers any size company to optimize its meeting and collaboration culture.

After 10 years of listening to customer and market feedback, intensive R&D, and mountains of software love, we’ve rebuilt MeetingSense from the ground up to address the critical meeting productivity needs of the new corporate landscape.

The all-new MeetingSense Pro retains the same basic but powerful and easy-to-use capabilities of the previous five versions, but takes a reimagined look at how to help every employee drive company-wide meeting success.

MeetingSense Pro will empower your business to:

  • Create better meetings using our Outlook Plugin… include things like a goal, an agenda, your conferencing info, and more in your invites
  • Easily capture everything shared in every meeting
  • More effectively take meeting notes, assign action items, record decisions, share files, etc…
  • Automatically send organized, stylized email minutes summaries
  • Instantly access and manage all of your team’s meeting information online in one place
  • Effectively collaborate with anyone who attends your meetings, internal or external
  • Save tons of wasted time and money for every user, every day
  • And much, much more

We’ve also added a ton of new features on top of the most advanced and accepted technologies out there, including totally new and intuitive look/feel and usability. All while making it even easier and more effective for your meeting collaboration.

I’d love you to get acquainted with MeetingSense Pro. Here’s a few simple ways:

It’s so easy to use you won’t need any training, so jump right in and have fun using MeetingSense Pro!

Hannon Brett
Founder, MeetingSense Software

Ps., As always, we love hearing from you, so don’t be shy about contacting us with questions or feedback. Thanks again for your interest.

Visit us on the web: http://www.meetingsense.com 

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