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Use Your Agenda Items as Headlines in Your Meeting Notes

Meeting Productivity  Tip: Use Your Agenda Items as Headlines in Your Meeting Notes

Save time, stay organized, and ensure that you cover everything important in your meetings

I always use this simple but powerful little trick to keep my meetings (and participants) organized and on track. Once you’ve constructed a strong, focused agenda and sent it to your meeting attendees ahead of time, just use that agenda (with any changes/tweaks that came about before the meeting) as a template or Table of Contents (TOC) for your notes.

You can use your agenda verbatim or paraphrase, just make sure that you can visually link each agenda item in your notes easily. The important thing is that you know exactly what subjects, and the notes, you need to capture for this meeting. There won’t be any forgotten topics or lost/hard to find information in your post meeting minutes.

Here’s a great example of using an agenda as your template of TOC for your meeting:

Agenda as a meeting notes TOC


In MeetingSense Pro you can also do this with the click of one button. At the end of your WebCapture Notes Pod Toolbar, you’ll see a button called “Import Agenda”. Click that button and MeetingSense will automatically import your agenda (assuming you have one) into your notes pod as headers. That’s it!

Import Your Agendas

Use your agenda as a notes TOC in one click!






That’s it! Give it a try in your next meeting and see how much more productivity you squeeze out of your interactions and communication. Have great meetings today.

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Capturing Action Items in Your Fast-Paced Meetings Is Quick & Easy

Meeting Tip:  MeetingSense Pro offers a few simple ways to assign action items during any type of meeting

Meetings can be hectic and fast-paced affairs. No one is going to stop or slow down to make sure you’ve captured all of the right information, you’re just expected to get it all, and get it all right. Having the right tools can make all the difference between getting everything your team’s needs, and missing an important point.

Once you’ve launched MeetingSense WebCapture to help capture all of the critical information being shared in your meeting, there are a couple efficient ways to ensure you assign all actions covered. All WebCapture pods were designed to help you most effectively record the right information.

To Assign Action Items within MeetingSense:

From the Action Item Pod

  1. Click the “+” button to the top right of the pod
  2. Fill in all of the appropriate information
    1. ONLY a title is mandatory if you’re in a rush
    2. Add a title that will help you remember what this Action Item is, then you can come back later and fill in the rest later
  3. Click Save and Close, or Save and New if you’d like to immediately create another Action item

MeetingSense - Create a new action item


Drag & Drop from Your Notes within MeetingSense

  1. Highlight a line of text you’ve already typed into the Notes pod and drag it down into the Action Item pod
  2. This will automatically create a new Action Item with the dragged text as the subject
  3. Then fill in any additional details, or simply click save and close, or save and new

Click and drag capture abilities with MeetingSense

When meetings are fast and non-stop having a way to quickly and easily assign Action Items is critical. MeetingSense Pro provides a couple simple ways for ensuring that you’ll never miss another Action Item in the middle of a meeting.

Have great meetings today!


Save on Meeting Set Up Time with Pro Agenda Templates

MeetingSense Pro Agenda Templates Save You Meeting Set Up Time

This Week’s Meeting Tip (September 7th, 2017) – Creating a few meeting agenda templates ahead of time allows you to easily pick-and-go when scheduling your meetings

Adding clear concise meeting agendas to every meeting invite will help you and your participants start your meetings much more efficiently, while ensuring that everyone stays on task to be much more productive in the meeting. (read an article about creating the best agendas possible)

So, do you have to create an agenda for every single meeting you schedule?

MeetingSense Pro allows you to create “Agenda Templates” once, and then simply pick an agenda from a drop-down list in your MeetingSense Microsoft Outlook invite pane for each meeting. Creating and using Agenda templates will save you 5-10 minutes for every meeting you schedule.

Here are the simple steps for creating Agenda templates for Outlook and from your Dashboard:

From Outlook MeetingSense Pane:

Note: You must have the MeetingSense Pro Outlook Toolbar and Pane installed first. If not, get yours here now: http://www.meetingsense.com/outlook/

  1. Schedule a new meeting from Outlook like you always do
  2. When the new invite opens, you’ll see the MeetingSense Pro pane of the right
  3. Fill in a goal if you’d like
  4. Then, simply start typing in the Agenda you’d like to save as a template
  5. Use one Agenda Item per line, do not add a dot or number, this will be done automatically
  6. Once you have completed the Agenda you’d like to save, check the “Save as new Agenda” box and name your template
  7. Ensure that you name your template something you’ll recognize and associate with this agenda for later
  8. Send the meeting invite when finished
  9. The next time you go to schedule a meeting using the MeetingSense Pane, your new save Agenda template will be available from the dropdown box

Scheduling meetings with MeetingSense through Microsoft Outlook


From Your MeetingSense Pro Dashboard:

  1. Go to your MeetingSense Pro dashboard: https://mymeetingsense.com
  2. Click on the “Meetings” page https://mymeetingsense.com/meetings
  3. At the top right of the page, click the “…” button to access your Agenda and Conferencing templates
  4. Choose the Agenda Templates tab
  5. From the dropdown, choose the “New Agenda” option
  6. In the open text box, just start typing the first agenda point of the agenda you want to create
  7. Finish all of your Agenda points for this agenda
  8. In the box below, check the “Save as new Agenda” box
  9. Name your new agenda template and click save
  10. Your new Agenda template will now be available from the dropdown box when scheduling new meetings in Outlook (the MeetingSense pane) or on your MeetingSense dashboard

Create a new meeting agenda with MeetingSense

Creating meeting Agenda templates in MeetingSense Pro is quick and easy using either of the two methods outlined above.

Using Agenda templates will allow you to save 5-10 minutes of meeting set up every time you schedule a new meeting. Allowing you to pick from a pre-created list of agendas instead of typing them out for every meeting will make your life easier, and save you loads of time every week.

Have great meetings today!