About BlueLock

BlueLock, LLC, is a managed technology services provider that delivers infrastructure-as-a-service to businesses that build, test, and manage software applications. BlueLock provides pre-configured, virtual IT environments that are secure, resilient, and scalable, enabling businesses to focus on growth rather than managing hardware. As a service provider in an emerging, high technology market, BlueLock regards operational efficiency as essential. MeetingSense by Yon Software enabled the company to improve internal productivity and impress external prospects.

The Challenge

John Qualls, CEO of BlueLock, needed more accountability in his meetings. He wanted “a way to document a meeting and record who said what and who owes what and when.” His problem spanned the organization, from internal team meetings to presentations for external prospects. Internally, action items were slipping through the cracks. “Our executive meetings had a .doc file that would be updated weekly to show new and old items and what was to be done and by whom,” says Qualls. “Everyone liked the summary, but had to dig to find what items they owed and when. We kept having issues with ‘I forgot to write that down’ or ‘we may have discussed it, but it didn’t make the updated file so I didn’t get it done.’” Externally, the company was having difficulty keeping prospects accountable for deliverables they had promised. “How many times have you heard ‘I don’t know that answer, but I will find out’ and then never got your answer?” reflects Qualls. “That door swings both ways, the sales person as well as the prospect.” BlueLock was suffering slowed or lost sales as a result of their prospects’ inefficiencies. Qualls decided to take action, conducting a web search for a solution that would help solve these problems.

The Solution

Qualls initially considered Microsoft SharePoint, but decided he didn’t have time for “the full professional installation process.” By contrast, MeetingSense by Yon Software was easily installed by Qualls himself, in a process he describes as “quick and painless.” After installation, Qualls noted that MeetingSense “seemed unobtrusive” to his workflow, particularly the way in which it integrates with Microsoft Outlook. “Many applications get in the way of getting things done, or do not play well with other applications,” says Qualls. “MeetingSense is not a nuisance to the user.” While Qualls appreciates the software’s ease of use, he is more impressed by the measurable benefits it offers his organization. Qualls reports that MeetingSense enables “clearer communication, better follow-up, and more professional perception of my communications.” Plus, things just move faster. He previously spent 20 to 25 hours in meetings each week and several more hours on meeting management.

He estimates that MeetingSense is saving him 15% of this total meeting time, and provides close to $20,000 in annual productivity gains. Although Qualls is currently the only MeetingSense user in his organization, he has plans to roll the software out to the rest of his team. In the meantime, they are already benefiting from his copy, particularly after executive team meetings. “With MeetingSense,” he says, “everyone gets the overview, and more importantly, the assigned actions items are sent out individually. The individual or groups get only those tasks assigned to them. There is no need to wade through all of the other items to find theirs. When the next week’s meeting comes up, the tasks are sitting there in MeetingSense, ready to be clicked off as completed.” Qualls’s experience with external meetings is equally rewarding. “For a sales meeting, I set up the MeetingSense meeting with all of the documents we would need, as well as presentation files, legal language, NDA, and so on.

I ran through the agenda and assigned internal tasks as well as external tasks for the prospect. Assigning tasks to the prospect right in the meeting gave us ‘permission’ to follow up on those tasks. That allowed us to stay engaged with the prospect, as well as push them through some deliverables. We got what we needed to keep things moving, and the prospect was impressed on our follow-up.” The competitive edge MeetingSense provides was confirmed when the prospect recently praised the BlueLock’s sales efficiency. Qualls reports: “They told us, “You moved this project farther in 24 hours than the 8 weeks and multi-meetings we had with your competitor.’” These benefits, combined with efficient internal

These benefits, combined with efficient internal meeting management, prompt Qualls to describe MeetingSense with a single word: Priceless.

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