BFG Tech Customer Case Study


Big software development firm moves
much faster with MeetingSense

About BFG Technologies

BFG Technologies is a U.S. based supplier of premium NVIDIA-based 3D graphics cards, which it provides to a broad cross-section of users, from the entry level gamer to the performance-driven customer.

The video card industry is an extremely competitive and fast-paced marketplace in which speed in both product development and product marketing is essential to success. BFG Technologies found that MeetingSense by MeetingSense Software dramatically streamlined internal communications and enhanced the company’s ability to stay competitive in a demanding field.

The Challenge

Dean Brady, Sr. Director of Marketing at BFG Technologies was looking for a way to improve internal productivity, particularly with regard to cross-functional team meetings. He needed to improve the efficiency with which he and his colleagues could turn the critical information shared in meeting into productive action. This included using in-meeting information, make decisions, decide on action items, and then successfully executing on all fronts. It’s a familiar challenge that faces most organizations today.

“I’ve worked for companies with 10,000 employees and companies with 30 people, and the problems really don’t change a whole lot,” says Brady. For BFG Technologies, however, the need was mission critical. “We operate in a very fast paced industry,” he explains, “so we have short timelines on most projects, and there are always lots of fires to put out.”

Brady was seeking an easy-to-use system that would integrate into his current workflow to automate much of the responsibilities associated with meeting management: capturing notes, documents, decisions, and action items from the meeting, and then disseminating them to the appropriate employees quickly and easily.

He responded to an email for MeetingSense and downloaded the free trial from the website. The software turned out to be much more than he had even hoped for.

The Solution

MeetingSense immediately revolutionized how meetings get handled at BFG Technologies. “From the very first meeting, it was clear to everyone that this was a far better solution,” says Brady. “We didn’t have any standard method for managing meeting minutes and tracking action items. MeetingSense brought structure to a process that had been chaotic, and that’s been huge for us.”

Brady began using MeetingSense at every meeting he attended. He used it to record notes during the meeting, and to record action items and their assignees. He occasionally used it to record audio for particularly important meetings.

Immediately following each meeting, Brady automatically distributed the comprehensive MeetingSense meeting summary to all participants. Stylized MeetingSense summaries can be customized to include any elements of the meeting including notes, key points, documents, action items, and much more. “Rather than spend hours typing up five or ten emails after each meeting to pull together notes and assign action items, I can do it all in seconds, basically by just clicking a ‘Send.’ button”

Brady estimates that he personally saves at least 15 minutes per meeting, on three to six meetings per day, for an average hour and a half of time saved per day.

That figure doesn’t include time savings for other employees, who are unanimously positive about MeetingSense. “Everybody raves about it,” reports Brady. “It helps them because they instantly get a consistent summary of information coming out of each meeting. They can quickly see what they need to know and what they are responsible for.”

Brady also reports that since the advantages of MeetingSense are obvious from the first meeting, there was “zero resistance” to company-wide adoption, which is rarely the case with new software.

To his surprise, Brady discovered additional advantages that he hadn’t anticipated. “The MeetingSense dashboard makes it very easy to call up information recorded during previous meetings. In probably half of my meetings, I’ll have one or two questions that I can’t answer from memory. With the dashboard, I can look it up in two clicks and answer them on the spot and we can move forward immediately. Previously, I would have taken an action item, gone back to dig through emails, and replied by email or even in the next meeting cycle. MeetingSense is just a much faster, more effective way of getting things done.”

The company’s operations department was so impressed by Brady’s use of MeetingSense that they have begun to use it in their own meetings, as well. Brady even uses MeetingSense in meetings with external clients. “Not only does it save time,” he says, “but the automated, summary emails contribute to the general impression of professionalism that we need to present.”

In fact, Brady has only one complaint about MeetingSense. When he was forced to briefly operate without it, he discovered how essential it had become. “I’d been using MeetingSense for a few months when I upgraded to Outlook 2007. I was suddenly in severe pain without MeetingSense until I got the update to support the new version of Outlook.”

Brady’s overall assessment of MeetingSense is to the point: “This is one of the best software products I’ve used in the last three years. It’s simple, effective, and it makes my life a whole lot easier.”

This is one of the
best software products
I’ve used in the
last three years.

Dean Brady, Marketing Director
BFG Technologies, Inc.

Benefits Summary

BFG Technologies gained the following benefits from implementing MeetingSense as their organization’s meeting information and productivity management solution:

  • On average, user saves 1.5 hours of work time every day – 15 minutes per meeting, 6 meetings a day = 7.5 hours per person saved every week!

  • Projects are finished on time to maximize success

  • Additional time savings and enhanced efficiency across the organization

  • Minimizes time spent distributing meeting information and action items

  • Facilitates instant responses to questions in meetings, accelerating decisions

  • Increases efficiency and reduces miscommunication by standardizing action items

  • Employees and IT immediately recognize benefits, facilitating easy adoption

  • Enhances impression of professionalism to clients