We are a team of dedicated technologists committed to making every meeting matter

The MeetingSense Story

Our story begins with our high-technology founders feeling trapped in meeting after analog meeting while reinventing the world through digitization, the Internet, and wireless technology. Convinced that meetings could be radically improved using the same technology, they put together a team of like-minded innovators to advance meetings into the 21st Century using the technologies that were revolutionizing every other facet of business: digitization, networks, software, and mobility.

MeetingSense teams maintain that vision today, continuously seeking to add functionality while continuously improving ease of use and intuitive design. Our latest software is cloud-based making it more secure, reliable, portable, and flexible.

Your organization’s meeting effectiveness is our primary goal. We are working relentlessly to make your meetings better, so your people are more productive and less frustrated by being stuck in bad meetings.

MeetingSense Mission Statement

MeetingSense designs, develops, and distributes meeting software for businesses, non-profits, and governments to make meetings more efficient, effective, and human.

MeetingSense Vision Statement

MeetingSense envisions a world where meetings are powered by digital and Internet technology to make every meeting matter, every attendee a true collaborator, and where every meeting outcome is communicated directly to where it will make a difference.



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