Put an End to Unproductive Meetings

MeetingSense Makes Every Meeting Matter

  • All-in-one application

    Create agendas and goals, add files, include dial-in information, take notes during the meeting, assign tasks, and send follow up information all within MeetingSense

  • Notes For Everyone

    All participants able to take notes inside the application to track discussions and decisions

  • Intuitive Collaboration

    • Send meetings notes to all participants with the push of a button
    • Integrates with your audio, video, and/or web conferencing tools
    • Operates as a stand-alone application and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook
    • Secure, ISO cloud-based application
  • Assign and track Action Items

    • Assign action items to team members
    • Team members automatically notified when actions completed

Are your meetings stuck in the 1950s?

Signs your meetings are stuck in the 1950s

  • Notes recorded using ancient pen and paper
  • Using multiple programs just to send
    meeting invites
  • Inability to search meeting notes online
  • Every participant has a different record of
    the meeting
  • Managers in the dark about all the meetings they’re not in
  • No way to digitally access the documents and notes associated with each meeting

The Power of Digital Transformation


“MeetingSense is one of those rare products that uncovers and then solves a common business need near perfectly. It’s excellent for all size teams.”

Jackie Green

MeetingSense ensures very effective team communication and helps us to drive successful and timely program launches.

Jackie GreenSr. Program Manager
Ryan Hunter

MeetingSense improved our group’s meeting efficiency almost instantly. MeetingSense always makes my group look like stars.

Ryan HunterIT Director, WageWorks
PC Magazine

A hub for making agendas, creating minutes, sending out summaries, and creating action items. It’s perfect for scattered groups that meet frequently.

PC Magazine

MeetingSense transports meetings into the 21st Century

Setup, organize, and run better meetings

  • Quickly write agendas and goals, attach files and dial-in info, and send invites
  • Run meetings efficiently using MeetingSense
    • Stay on schedule
    • Stay on task
    • Accomplish goals
    • Assign tasks
    • Send notes to all participants with one click
  • All participants able to take notes that remain permanently linked to the meeting’s digital record

Empower Managers thru digital transformation

  • You can’t manage what you don’t measure
    • Employees spend up to 40% of their time in meetings, time invisible to managers
    • With MeetingSense, managers can see inside of meetings
  • Coach meeting Leaders
  • Connect meetings to projects, personnel development, and overall organizational functioning
  • Develop a meeting culture

Make every meeting matter

  • By digitizing what goes on inside of meetings, they can be searched and connected to outcomes
  • Associate specific documents permanently with meetings

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

MeetingSense empowers managers to measure meetings

Immediately improve your company’s meeting culture with MeetingSense

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